My name is Gabriela Holejšovská. I have been working as a make-up artist since 1990. I am based in České Budějovice.


Hair Typology
Determination of types of hair colouring, suitable personal colours for clothing and colour combinations, accessories advice.

Make-up and visage
Hairstyle advice according to the face shape, hair colour and make up advice, make up tutoring.

Body type and figure shape determination; fashion and style advice, materials and accessories advice.

Selection and purchase of clothes and accessories, sorting out the wardrobe.

Wedding styling
Wedding dress and make up advice, combining suitable accessories.

Price – 1000,- CZK/40 EUR per hour


The whole makeover will take about 6 hours. A team of trained visagistes, hairstylists and fashion stylists will look after you. First an experienced visagiste will take care of you and then a hair stylist and fashion stylist will change your look. After a pleasant refreshment in a café you will become a new Pretty Woman. The price of the makeover is 3,900 CZK. It includes the work of a visagiste, hairstylist and fashion stylist and a small refreshment. The new hairstyle and purchase of clothes are not included. The whole makeover can be finished in a photo studio.

If you are interested, contact me via email and include your name, address, phone number and requirements. Describe you appearance – height, weight, clothing size and age. If you live within 100 km of České Budějovice, we can visit you at home.

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